Ecological problems which faces my village: by Maka Kushanashvili

It is said that nature is the main source of oxygen and oxygen provides our body with health. There are some ecological problems that face my village. That’s why I would like to inform you about them.

First of all, illegal dumps near the River Alazani are a considerable problem for the population because litter muddles the river and pollutes water. Then we must use dirty water. What’s more, rubbish on the ground and filthy air effects people’s general health level.

Secondly, in spring forest burning increases accidents, people behave carelessly. They throw cigarette ends on the land, then they fire in the forest. People have no idea that the forest is the main source of being healthy.

Forest burning increases many diseases. What’s more, without oxygen life will quit.

To conclude, I would like to appeal to people to behave more sensibly because nature is our treasure. People’s effect on nature comes back with disaster like a boomerang. If you keep the forest for successors, it benefits you all.


A very good article and it is something that needs to be pushed hard in all of Georgia. As an Australian, I am appalled by the lack of awareness of pollution of the environment. Pankisi is such a beautiful valley that the population should be proud of I rather than being lazy and dumping rubbish near the drinking water.

Keep up the good work.