I am a citizen of Georgia: by Madina kavtarashvili

I am Kist, I am a Muslim and I am a representative of an ethnic minority in Georgia.

I was born in Georgia, brought up in Pankisi, live in Georgia and I think these facts are enough to be proud. Georgia is my motherland. My roots are deep in Chechnya but it doesn’t matter. It lies more a duty on me to love the country that offered me a shelter, hosted me like its own child. It’s worth saying that today I speak the Georgian language, the language of famous poets and writers. Georgia is the country which became a guarantee of peace for me. Peace is valuable. We missed it in Chechnya and we understand it much better than any other nation.

In relationship with Georgians I have never noticed that I have different language, religion and of course different origin. But all of us are Caucasian people, many common customs and traditions. But the main common thing is the love of our Georgia.

 I haven’t seen much. I am just fifteen years old and if I have seen anything, it’s only from books and TV. I haven’t much life-experience. I haven’t decided yet what way I will choose in the future, who I will be. But one thing is for sure: I will always love Georgia and it’s my duty to think about its bright future. I hope I will manage it.

If you want your country to be successful, you must care about your country and I think that Georgia must stand as a nation among other nations. Once, one Georgian politician proudly said: “I am Georgian, therefore I am European”.

That’s why I say: “I am Kist, therefore I am Georgian and a citizen of Georgia.