Three New Hydro electro stations in Pankisi Gorge: by Eliza Tokhosashvili

In Pankisi Gorge, 3 more hydro electro stations are being built. In Khadori (Pankisi) there are 2 hydro electro stations working now. Three more hydro electro stations will be a great danger for local people and the environment, as it gives out harmful radiation. Pankisi people are worried.

When the two stations (working) were being built, the government promised Pankisi people that they would have electricity for free but the promise remained unfulfilled.

‘’Khadori 3” ,, Samkurisckali 1” ,,Samkurisckali 2” are to be built. The works have started.

Isn’t it harmful for people’s lives to have so many electro stations near their living places?