Movies: by Adam Gumashvili

Most people around the world spend their free time watching movies. Of course everyone has personal taste and there would be some who like reality based movies. Also, there would be some who like fiction movies.

Most of the based on real story movies are historical and these movies are watched by people, who want to understand more and more. Such movies also help us find out the truth. For example, The Imitation Game movie was filmed about period of the Second World War and Alan Turing. This film informs us how Russia won the war in 1945.

A big quantity of films are invented. People who watch the are trying to spend their free time. It’s clear that fabricated movies have better content, but it also can give us more information than based on real story movies. It tells us about what problems we will face in real life and how they will be solved.

To conclude, both based on real story and made up movies are popular. In my opinion which you like the most depends on your taste. There would be people with taste like yours, but would not be everyone. This is the unwritten rule.