Rehabilitation of drinking water facilities in Pankisi: by Eliza Tokhosashvili

In 4 villages in Pankisi, there will be rehabilitation of drinking water facilities. For that, 233,000 lari is given by government and water facilities will be changed in 4 villages, Omalo, Jokolo, Tsinubani and Matani. The works will start in April 2018 and will be finished in October 2019.

This rehabilitation is realized by ‘United Local Water Wholesaler Company. Local people are very glad, because in these villages it is a very big problem. Water is very dirty, especially in spring and summer. When there is rainy weather, the water is black and it contains filth. There were cases when locals saw reptiles and insects in water. It’s terrible.

 By Products National Agency testing in 2015, 2016, 2017 showed unsanitary violations. We know that there are illnesses that are infectious and this water is a risk for locals’ health.

Fortunately, in the near feature this problem will be prevented and the locals will have clean water and they will be healthy.