A Teenager’s Life: by Esiat Gaurgashvili

Nowadays, teenagers’ lives are easier than it was before. They also have many chances to become successful. In the past most of the children couldn’t get an education because they hadn’t opportunities. They also didn’t have books. There was only one book in one class.

At that time there wasn’t electricity and children had to study lessons by candle light. Children were hard-working in those days. Girls had to stay at home all day and did housework and in spite of this they had their goals.

Now teenagers have more free time. The only thing families want their children to get is education. But some of children are irresponsible and spend time doing nothing. Now teenagers also have an internet connection that helps them to do homework or study lessons.

I think that our biggest problem is that we don’t know the price of the time. We think that we will do everything on time, but time flies and last it appears that we haven’t done much.