The Last Bell in Pankisi: by Mariam Bagakashvili

On 19th May in Pankisi there was the Last Bell and students from 12th grade left the school.

In our school there is a tradition that students from 11th grade bake a big cake for graduates. As we are 11th grade students we planned everything a week before, but in spite of this our cake was a bit late.

After ringing the Last Bell at school, the 12th grade students went to look around Pankisi by car but they had a little car accident. Fortunately no one was injured.

When they came back our cake was ready and everything was OK.

So, at the end everyone was pleased. Everyone enjoyed it but the graduates were also sad, because they were leaving school and worried about their exams.

We want to wish them good luck in their national exams and in their future life.