Fasting in Pankisi: by Eliza Tokhosashvili

On May 27th in Pankisi people began Ramadan fasting as all Muslim people all over the world. All Muslims from age 15 have to fast. People who are fasting can’t eat and drink anything. You can only eat in the evening and in the morning before sunrise.

Ramadan month lasts 1 month. After Ramadan month, we have a celebration that continues for 3 days. In the first day, people go out with cars. They have flags and balloons on their cars to celebrate finishing Ramadan.

On that day Pankisi people have some competitions in sport and they give presents to people who win these competitions. Also, there are children who are reading the Kuran. It’s fantastic when you listen to them because they read it so wonderfully.

Every next year Ramadan month comes 8 days earlier. All people who are fasting find it easy.  Muslims are very happy when Ramadan month is coming.