Protest action in Pankisi: by Rumina Alkhanashvili

Today, residents of Pankisi Gorge protested a special operation that was conducted by law enforcement officers on December 25. Locals have questions about why the riot police shot a 19-year-old youngster when he was sleeping and was there any abuse of power by law enforcement officers.

The grandmother of the wounded, Temirlan Machalikashvili, who witnessed the special operation, says that her grandchild hadn’t resisted the special operation. He was shot twice, in the head and shoulder area. After, he was hospitalized and operated on but his health condition still remains serious.

Pankisi governmental and non-governmental organizations, youth and the Council of Elders addressed the government with a special statement. They call on government to conduct an objective investigation.

“Our discontent is based on the forms and methods, which have led Temirlan Machalikashvili to the very serious condition. Everything should be done to make sure that innocent people do not get into the chair of the accused. We hope that the government will take into consideration the opinion of the Pankisi Gorge Society and give the right direction to the investigation process”, said Zaur Gumashvili, the Chairman of the Board of the Pankisi Elders Council