Winning the important competition by Jokolo’s team: by Maka Kushanashvili

Education is an invaluable treasure for every person that leads to our success. Talent competitions give us an opportunity to reveal what knowledge we have acquired during attending the Roddy Scott Foundation School. It is said. “Knowledge you have gained needs to be utilized in practice”.

 On 9th December Roddy Scott Foundation School held a competition between Jokolo and Duisi groups. It was an unprecedented occurrence that is assisting to developing every student’s English. 

As I entered the hall I felt an extraordinary sensation. The whole show was well organized. Microphones for presentation, slides shown on a monitor gave us ability to read the questions from the image. The community leader was invited by the administration of the foundation to read the questions. His speech was clear and comprehensible for all participants.


 The competition consisted of three parts. The first level included grammar and vocabulary tasks and in the grammar part there were quite complicated tasks. The definitions of words were thoughtful. What’s more, the listening part needed effort and listening carefully to reach the right answer.

 Both teams had prepared for the performance brilliantly. Taking in this competition was a great challenge because it makes students become a more skilled generation.

To my mind, maintaining calm and energy is more important than being smart. However we finally managed to deal with all the tasks. In spite of Duisi team’s resistance, Jokolo’s team was able to win such an important competition.