Pankisi people are going abroad: by Laina Pareulidze  


People in Pankisi Gorge are developing as all people around the word, but everything has its good and bad results. We have developed, but people are going abroad. So, does this type of development have a fatal result?

From 2017 to 2018 about 200 families have gone abroad. Of these people about 85% have gone to German and another 15% to other European countries. All of you will agree with me, this is very bad for the Gorge, because if people migrate with this tempo, there won’t be enough left to look after everything, which ever has been important for us.

All people around the world have their problems, but mostly, the reasons for migration are the same: poverty and unemployment. I have calculated the numbers and about 10 families are going abroad. Fortunately at calculated the numbers we hope that soon it will completely stop.