Pankisi settlements against constructing third hydropower station: by Maka Kushanashvili

    Pankisi Valley represents a place that is wealthy for its fresh air and dazzling nature. Protecting biodiversity is significant issue for valley population. That’s why they are protesting the third hydroelectric station to be built in the middle of birkiani village.

     There are some ecological and social problems connected to constructing another hydropower in Pankisi Gorge. People think that they will have problems with supplying water, as  the company which is building the hydroelectric station is planning to place some part of the water into pipes. Besides, it is not profitable for settlements because the electricity rates still remain high.

Another fact to consider is deforestation while constructing the hydro power station will destroy biodiversity and some kind of fish species. What’s more, cutting down trees cause many diseases and natural disasters since plants are the main source of oxygen.

   Pankisi Valley is famous for tourists. There are swimming and fishing places. These places are attractive for them. If a hydro electric power station is built, this valley won’t have the quantity of tourists as now.