Derby in Akhmeta District: by Rezo Margoshvili

In Akhmeta, the derby named after the king Erekle II was held, organized by the Federation of Horseracing Sport of Georgia.

The horse race was conducted in three categories:

1.Pure English blood horses- 2km distance.

2.The breeds with the highest blood: Arabic,English, Kabardian-2km distance.

3.All breeds of horse-6km distance.

First place, between Pure English blood and the breeds with the highest blood horses was won by Saba Ekhvaia, the horseman from Zugdidi horse club “Khareba”. The second place winner among poor blood horses, was Kerim Gaurgashvili, from Pankisi with the same horse that had won the horse racing in honour of Temirlan Machalikashvil several days ago. The third place won Islam Alkhanashvili, again from Pankisi.