Maia Margoshvili, Kist Poetess’s Book Presentation: by Fariza Dadaeva

In Tbilisi, at the National Library of Georgia, the presentation of Kist poetess, Maia Margoshvili’s book, Caucasian Sonata of White Nights, was held.

The poetess opened the evening. In her speech she said the following words. ”In Kist families children grow up with such belief, you must love your mother very much and immeasurably respect your father. For Kists, mother is Georgia and father, Chechnya”. In her book Maia Margoshvili depicted her love towards her motherland and love between Georgian and Kist people.

The presentation was attended by Kist Elders, Kist and Georgian public figures, poets, writers, Kist students and guests from St. Petersburg. Nowadays,the poetess lives in St. Petersburg with her family and her friends who support her there.

Kist students presented the novellas of Maia Margoshvili, Kist and Georgian public figures and the guests from St. Petersburg made speeches. The spectators were astonished by the book.

A public figure, writer and member of “Elders’ Council”, Khaso Khangoshvili, from Pankisi stated. “I had became aware with Maia’s creative work about 15 years ago during the hard period in Pankisi, Maia expresses her feelings by extraordinary means, including nostalgia and melancholy. She shows her disatisfaction, hardship using live humour and makes them pleasant for the readers. She has a unique talant of bestowing human characters to the objects.”

A Georgian writer, Eter Tataraidze declared. ”You can speak, think and discuss each novella. I found the same feelings within her novellas as mine. I was very happy. She took with her not only her motherland, but all our, Caucasians’ thoughts and pain.”

The presentation was organized by the Office of the State Minister of Georgia for Reconciliation and Civic Equality. An under-secretary from the ministry, Lasha Darsalia said that it is very important for us to develope the traditions and culture of Kists.

Now the poetess has returned to St.Petersburg but we had a chance to contact her and know more about her. She has been living in St.Petersburg since 1997 .Her major profession is Chemist (of Soviet Union), however her minor profession is cinematography gained at Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University. She first decided her career was to be in television, then to the cinema, exactly at film production company “Triiks Media”(Триикс медиа). She told us: ”St.Petersburg is a godfather of spiritual information for me, muse and teacher. My novellas are about lives in Petersburg, undergone and experienced ,written about my love and thoughts towards Georgia. This is the magic of St.Petersburg, that supports you when you feel nostalgic. I shared with the readers the organic connection between the past and present, full with impressions and gave them sincerely the whole spectrum of feelings. This was the leitmotif of the book “Caucasian Sonata of White Nights.”

The poetess from Pankisi is full of love for her motherland and people. I would say that she encouraged and motivated us.