Our vision of Europe: by Nika Tsikhesashvili

Maka Margoshvili an RSF student from Duisi Public School, won the second prize in the exhibition “Our Vision of Europe”. The exhibition, within Europe Days 2018 was held in the Parliament in Georgia. It was initiated by the EU Integration Committee, exhibiting paintings on the topic.

Students from different regions in Georgia participated in the competition.

The competitions of 2017 and 2018 revealed the winners: the first prize was awarded to a pupil of Khranchkara Public School, the second prize was given to Duisi Public School and the third prize went to a pupil from Oni Public School.

“I’m very glad that I’ve taken part in this competition. My painting was based on Europe. In my painting I expressed the European vision and values seen by me. I wish to see my country in the list of developed countries.  I’m proud that my Pankisi Gorge and my school was also announced amonst the winners.” said Maka Margoshvili.