Integration With Kist Students: by Anano Kulalagashvili

From my childhood memories I can remember my first day at my kindergarten. It was 15th of September, 2008. I was feeling so nervous at night before that day. I almost didn’t sleep because I had to meet new people I hadn’t seen before. But there was hidden an abnormal feeling behind the nervousness. I knew something special was going to happen.

Next day, when I first went to the kindergarten, I saw many children, but I just stared at one girl and she also was staring at me. Then we just sat next to each other and our relationship started. To be honest, on that day I didn’t make another friend but her. Our friendship went so well. We both were of the same age, we were 4 and we became the best friends. By the way, she was my first friend and she was Chechen. Our friendship became really well-known and everyone knew about us in the village.

After leaving the kindergarten our relationship continued at school, we were the classmates. All the school years we sat at a common desk.

We grew up. Too many changes happened in our lives, but we still keep a good relationship.

Also, I remember that wonderful attitude from my family to Chechen people, especially from my grandparents. They always say that they are our sisters and brothers and they are the part of Georgian people. My family has too many Chechen friends and they really love and respect each other.

So, from the childhood to the present day I have really good relationship with them. I have many Chechen friends and love them no less than my Georgian friends.

So, if you ask me how I feel at RSF, I think you already know the answer and it isn’t necessary to explain it again, because I think everything is clear.

I cannot still understand why do some people think in a such wrong way. For example, I was always asked and till today, how can I have such a good relationship with the people who have different religion. But does anybody say that friendship has restrictions? I don’t think so, I think that the people shouldn’t censure each other just for the different religious beliefs, for the different point of view. So, we have to keep our humanity. And we haven’t to spend time searching one another’s disadvantages, because we aren’t here for a long time, even a word ‘forever’ has bounds and it sometimes means just one second.