The Meeting With Rati Amaghlobeli: by Madina Alkhanashvili

On the 19th of February, In Duisi Public School, students had meeting with Georgian famous poet Rati Amaghlobeli. Europe Foundation’s project “Writers for European Values”.

The main topic of the meeting was,what do the students think about European-Georgian relationship. The meeting was question-answer type.

A lot of students from Pankisi attended this meeting, they had a lot of questions and they discussed priorities of this council. All of the students expressed their hopes for future improvement and development the life in Georgia.

To my question, what did he think about Pankisi youth, Rati Amaghlobeli said that it wasn’t his first visit in Pankisi and he is more and more amazed with the young generation in Pankisi, their motivation for better future.He said: “ I am very glad to see such a great generation with fresh thoughts and ideas.

Students asked him to read one of his famous poems “Alphabet”.

The meeting was very interesting and productive.