Our Irrational World: by Maka Kushanashvili

 Before applauding freedom, human rights and humanity we have to consider that we live in an irrational world. It is really difficult to understand reasons as why some people are suffering from negative stereotypes while others condemn them. Why are some peoplerefugees while others are safe? Why do some wear a scarf? Why some people respect each other’s rights while others do not?

  Even when you try to assist someone or commit kindness, you meet a hater or cause loathing amongst some people. It is not weird that some people quit fighting amongst themselves and believe in good while others still maintain hardness to others. It is a part of this irrational world and acts you commit have an affect on tomorrow and the result of your attempts always exists. However, I believe we will learn to understand the rules in this chaotic world as we have needs and we are a tiny piece of this huge world.