Why is English Important? by Elene Kavtarashvili

Nowadays everyone studies English. Schoolchildren do English courses and everyone says “English is very important”. But why do we think this? It’s the 21st Century and you cannot live without knowing English. You cannot go far without English. You cannot find a job easily if you do not know English. Also English language helps me to communicate with the foreigners who visit Pankisi.

Some people who learn English think that it is difficult language, but I do not think so. It is true that the grammar is really difficult, especially articles, which I do not like. When I write something or do exercises of my article I always make some mistakes. It is hard for me because in my native language and Georgian there is not article.

motivational phrase, don’t give up, handwritten with white chalk on a blackboard

One of my purposes in the life is to become an English translator (of course a good one). Also my dream is to go to America, where English will guide me.

Finally, my advice to all children is to learn English. It will support them in many aspects of life.