New things, new chances… : by Anano Kulalagashvili

Do you know how it feels, when you have something on the top of your tongue, you want and try to say, but you suffer, because you cannot and when someone guesses, what you wanted to say and then, when you hear it, you feel glad, happy and you cannot hide your positive emotions.

      Or imagine, you are a guest and there are some sweets on the table  you would like to take, but you are enough shy and you wait when the  host will offer you, but she is late, your desire gets even bigger and bigger, it covers all your mind and suddenly, you hear host’s voice offering you to take the sweets and imagine how happy you are…

       I exactly felt the same thing, same relief, same happiness when I heard that, in Pankisi, we, students could have a great chance to discover and develop our journalistic skills. For me, it was unexpected and at the same time timely news. I always wanted; I always expected such project which would help me to make first steps to my dream job. I wanted it for a long time, but I had no opportunity to share it with anyone, and when I heard this fact, I thought that someone looked in my mind and guessed my desire and fulfilled my intention, luckily to me. And I am very happy now, as I can take part in this project.

       I can imagine Journalism something exciting and challenging. Any single days are not similar to the previous ones. People who want to be  good journalists, need to be very inquisitive and responsible. They have to research, report, collect, write, edit and spread the exact information in a very understandable way, no matter how minor it may seem. This is more like a life style than a career, and this is exactly the life style, what I would like to live with. It is not only a dream; it is the most important direction of my life. Journalism is like a soap opera; you watch and it becomes more and more interesting and attractive. I can also imagine Journalism as a huge balloon of full of different emotions.

      Truth, accuracy, independence, fairness, impartiality, humanity, and accountability. These are the basic that a good journalist needs to use.

      In Journalism, I feel free, even I know I should present the facts whether or not I like or agree with those facts. Objective reporting is meant to portray issues and events in a neutral and unbiased manner, regardless of my opinion or personal beliefs. It is almost the same as a wounded bird knows that it can not fly wherever it wants, but it is happy, because it knows it is alive.

     Now, fortunately for me and some other students, we have a great opportunity to increase our vocabulary, improve our lexis, speech, and writing style. I am so thankful of the project makers, so I promise I will totally use all that experience I get, in my subsequent articles. I will contribute and try to make our online magazine ( a better, more interesting and enjoyable place for each reader.