Khevsur students in Pankisi: by Milana Gaurgashvili & Fatima Margoshvili

On 16th  June,the  students and teachers from Khevsureti visited  pankisi gorge. They had cultural events with Chechen students (dancing, singing, playing). Also they met the member of the Elders’ council Khaso Khangoshvili, who spoke about their common history. They  spent two days in the gorge and they were hosted by several families.

11th  grade student Giorgi Arabuli from Barisakho, said, he was very pleased with two days spent with them and also he thanks for hosting: “thank for all of you for your hosting, we enjoyed it very much,during these two days.

Lia Kavtarashvili hosted people from Khevsureti during two days. She said it is very important that such kind of relationships get intensive: “we spent a really cool days together, we made good friends too. We remind a lot of history that is associated with many years of Khevsur and  Kists people.  Also we shared experience to each other and with great hope we seperated.”

Kists and Khevsur people have had close relation  since ancient times, however for some reasons Kists had to resettle in Pankisi gorge and their relationship was weakened. According to the Khevsurians the reason for this visit was to restore lost relations between Pankisi and Khevsur people. The guests were in the gorge for two days and returned to Khevsureti, where the Kists will visit.