Final examination in RSF: by Anano Kulalagashvili

One more year of English language course finished. As a rule, students of all level take final exams after a year. The most challenging moment for teachers to show the results and for students to show what level had they achieved during the year.

RSF is educational center in Pankisi valley The English courses are designed to develop the English language skills of students through different level classes. Roddy Scott Foundation has 190 students in 11 different level groups.

RSF has successfully done. RSF usually invites professor from Telavi State University with all prepared exam materials including listening, writing and reading. 

Test day is finished.

Students are waiting outside the building just to hear the results.

Some of them happy and some let down.

 ‘Annual English language exam is very important. As usual our students showed good results. For the next years we expect more students with the highest scores. In general, we have good results.’ English teacher Malika Mutoshvili said.

 ‘I am a starter, I was a little nervous because it was my first time, I took an exam, I wrote the whole test and I am happy because I did not find it difficult at all so I think I will have good result. Maka Baghakashvili said.

I was more nervous than at the previous exam, because the higher level you reach increases responsibility, but I am very satisfied and glad, because I got really good result’. Said Milana Kavtarashvili.

 ‘I am Tamar Mikeladze, I am from Telavi State University. I have been teaching there for more than 10 years and every year, I conduct the tests for the students of this foundation. The aim of these tests is to see how well the course is delivered; to identify weak and strong sides of teaching. 156 students took the test. My impression is quite positive. All of the students passed it. Some of them got the maximum points.

The result shows that most students have appropriate level of English, and all this is result of hard and affective work of teachers. I see development and growth. For the future I wish more students from Georgian community to be involved.

One thing that I want to wish to this foundation is that they really need a new building with classrooms, equipped with proper technologies.