Have you ever heard about Jokolo volleyball team and their uncountable trophies? by Bilal Duishvili

Volleyball is not as popular as wrestling in Pankisi valley, but my team is the one which managed others to get interested in this kind of sport.
My volleyball team is from Jokolo village and all of the players are Jokolo public school students – 10 members in a team.

We take training four days a week. Sometimes others ask why we have chosen this sport. My answer is the following: the most enjoyable and friendly sport ever.

By the way my team has a success story. We have won the competition several times and all team members got winner presents.

In the current year as a winner, my team was given a chance to go to summer camp for ten days. It was nice experience for us, to spend days outside Pankisi.

The only place where we play is school court. The entrance is closed at the weekends so we can play only the period when school works.

Team coach-Niko Pareulidze is the best person. Thanks to him we managed to win several competitions against other teams outside Pankisi. 

We have two years’ experience and after we finish school, I want others to continue playing volleyball and love it as we do. now I can say we have unlimited energy for our favorite sport volleyball. I am proud of my team members. And ready to promote healthy and friendly life called Volleyball.