New changes at schools: by Svetlana Mutoshvili

The government has introduced a new law at schools. The law operates entirely in Georgia. The changes are about the teachers. 

This year teachers are obliged to pass the teachers exams if they aren’t certified. If they fall on exams they will be released from schools but if you’re pensioner teacher you can take your two years’ salary and leave the school, if they don’t want to leave the school they are also obliged to pass exams.

In Georgia almost 2 000 pensioner teacher make a decision to take their two-year salary and leave the job. This idea is one of the great opportunity for a young people to have a jobs.

In my gorge Pankisi, the half of teachers are pensioners, some of them are overturned 80 years and they don’t know how to communicate with pupils. They are many young people who are looking for jobs and now they have got chances to have jobs, many Kist young people are going to fill the application to become teachers. Young generation will bring the new changes at schools and they will improve the level of education.

Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world and only an educated and motivated generation is able to bring genuine progress and change the world.