Mirage or not?

 Have you ever had the strongest feeling in the world? You realize that some important changes really happened in your life but you think that it was just a dream, a sweet dream like a mirage. I have had this kind of emotions after my trip in the United States, which was part of SUSI (study of The United States institutes).

  I do not want to be miserly. I would like to use my whole word storage to express my impressions.

 Lets start my reader. Can you imagine I walked at Times Square, I saw NYC view from the Empire State building, I tasted American milkshake and Starbucks, I saw Abraham Lincoln’s   memorial, I took picture in front of White house.  I understood what it means to be an American college student. I met to the director of Bard College (he is a great storytellor. I created my own conceptions about various tasks, I worked at Bards farm as a volunteer, I experienced improvision theatre, I was sitting in the seats of the Broadsay show…

 This is not the end. I did not mention the most important aspects about what I learned during my Bard College period and how it affected me. I would like to outline these aspects: I raised my knowledge about my role in society, I came into appreciate the diversity around  me, this programme threw me into a totally different environment , I was surrounded by people from different countries, different backgrouds, different perceptions. I realized that the difference is the one that makes our reality interesting. I understood that sometimes you have to create your own opportunities to thrive, there will not be always roadmaps that will give you directions, you have to be responsible on yourself and you have to take risks, even it may not be profitable.

 Now move on the most specific part of the SUSI programe. Why America is an approvable country for everyone? This country’s constitution gives you an absolute freedom and humanity and all the values connected to the people are on the top.

 This programe gave me an ability to raise my awarness in the society. There is someone in our huge universe who needs my support and assistance.

Finally, I can not finish my article without giving thanks to the USA Embassy in Tbilisi for selecting me. United States department for financing and creating opportunities for children from different countries, Bard College for having the students, Meridian for cooperating, giving the programme the face and thanks to Brian Mateo, Erin Cannan, Quinn Scribner for organizing, helping children to solve all staff and doing their best to make SUSI programe perfect. Finally, without Roddy Scott foundation I will not have the chance even participate in the competition, this foundation is the place which gave me an opportunity to learn English language as today’s tendency demands.