“Young Journalists Club” at Georgian Public Broadcaster: by Natela Kavtarashvili

On 29th of October “Young Journalists Club” visited a ceremony of giving certificates in Tbilisi. The certificates were given to the students who graduated from RSF, continued studies at various universities in Tbilisi and attended professional retraining courses at UNIKO (universal knowledge academy). These students were given the opportunity to take additional courses at UNIKO with the help of RSF. They were very happy and talked about their accomplishments and future plans.

After the ceremony we visited Georgian Public Broadcaster. The journalists of this channel met us very warmly. They helped us explore the whole building. We saw the working atmosphere; the journalists were working tirelessly and that is what they do all day long.

We saw the people translating and sounding the soap operas and movies that we watch on TV. It was a great experience for us. The journalists of this channel were very warm to each other and were very busy with their work. We also attended the recording of one of the TV shows “Are you smarter than 5th grader?” It was unthinkable for us to do such a difficult and time-consuming job. We saw old techniques used by journalists before the new machines were invented, they were very different from modern technology. They were enormous and strange, but interesting. The tour was guided by the Public Relations Manager of Georgian Public Broadcaster Dea Gvelesiani.