The business idea which will never come true: by Milana Gaurgashvili

Pankisi Gorge is one of the favorite places for tourists to visit in Georgia. As for the kist people, tourism is the opportunity (for some families, the only way) to make money. Since then, the valley has been characterized by high potential in tourism. During the last three years the number of tourists has increased significantly. To increase the number of tourists by implementing various projects means financially strengthening the valley. I always wanted to create a project which would attract tourists and would help me make my own money, to be financially independent. I thought about it for a long time. Pankisi valley is surrounded by mountains, the “Coliseum” which is located on a little hill in Duisi is like a park and there is a place where we could release the balloons into the air, large and colorful hot air balloons which could carry two or three people. I have seen this beauty in many countries, for instance in Britain, Turkey, USA and so on. There were many visitors and local residents who wanted to fly with the air balloons. For the beginning, I would like to have five or eight balloons and the equipment that is needed to release the balloons into the air.

Gradually, my business would grow up and there would be more visitors. Pankisi valley could be a wonderful resort for tourists and good opportunity for locals to earn money.

It is just a dream that I cannot stop thinking about and I wish, one day my dream came true.