A Kist Girl in a Musical Competition: by Malika Kavtarashvili

Have you ever heard about musical show in Kakheti?  “Akhali Taoba” (New Generation) is a regional musical mega-show by Malkhaz Melikvashvili that is taking place in Kakheti. The project enables young people (up to 18) to showcase their vocal talent, to become accustomed to standing on stage and most importantly to become singers.

 Participants (young singers) of the project have the opportunity to win various prizes. The first-place participant will get a car, for the second place will be given 200 GEL every month during one year, and as for the third-place participant, she/he will be given the chance to record one song and perform it on one of the most popular TV shows by Gia Jajanidze.

Mariam Bagakashvili is a young singer from Pankisi, while she goes to school in Telavi in this project, she represents Telavi. Despite of this, everyone knows that she is from Pankisi and whole Pankisi is supporting her. People from Pankisi get together and go to the concert to support and encourage Mariam.

Mariam Bagakashvili is one of the most popular participants of the project. With Facebook likes and a majority of calls, she almost always is on the first place. According to Mariam the project gave her great experience, she is no longer afraid of singing on a stage in front of a large audience. To sum up, Mariam Bagakashvili is the first girl from Pankisi to be taking part in musical competitions, and we all know that it is a big challenge for a Kist girl to participate in such projects. The only thing Mariam needs for a victory is our support that means to call her on the number: 0 903 300 314.