RSF student an ambassador for a day: by Anano Kulalagashvili

RSF student Sieda Kavtarashvili became an ambassador of Great Britain in Georgia for a day. As a part of UK/Georgia 2019 season, the British Embassy ran a story competition asking children across Georgia (aged 12-16) to write a short story about their ideal day with a famous or influential British person. Sieda decided to write a story about British woman Lucy Hawking, who is a daughter of a famous British scientist Stephen Hawking born in 1940, 2nd November. Lucy Hawking is well-known as a journalist, novelist, educator and philanthropist. Sieda admires the work Lucy is doing in raising awareness about autism and also, she likes the job that she does in journalism.

As the winner Sieda was invited in British Embassy to spend a day with the British Ambassador. At the beginning of the visit, the project manager introduced her to the ambassador and the most important in this part was that the ambassador let Sieda to sign in “Visitors’ book” and the ambassador noted that it was the first time someone signed in visitors’ book from Pankisi Gorge.

After that Sieda and ambassador went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There, Sieda as an ambassador for a day had a chance to present her “credentials” to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, First Deputy Minister Mr. Vakhtang Makharoblishvil. Her program of the day also included an all staff meeting at the British Embassy, where British Ambassador Mr. Justin McKenzie Smith presented her with “Certificate of an ambassador for a day”, gifts and books authored by Lucy Hawking.

At the end of the program Sieda and the ambassador visited King David the Builder coin exhibition at the National Museum of Georgia.

During the program she had chance to meet the staff of the British Council and to see English courses in progress there.

Sieda Kavtarashvili interviewed by our correspondent Anano Kulalagashvili

How did you take part in the competition?

_ We were told that British Embassy was running a story competition asking children to write about our ideal day with a famous or an influential British person. As soon as I heard about this, I wanted to try something new and I decided to took part in the competition.

Who did you write about?

_ I wrote about British woman Lucy Hawking, who is known as a journalist, novelist, educator and philanthropist.

Why did you decide to write about Lucy Hawking?

_ The reason I made a decision to write about her, was that I respect and admire the job she is doing.

How did you feel after hearing that you were the winner of the competition?

_ After hearing that I was the winner of the competition, of course, I felt surprised and delighted. I was too happy and proud. Winning this competition helped me to become more confident and responsible. I learned that nothing is impossible and when you set a goal you should do your best until you achieve it.

The RSF’s students and teachers are happy and proud of our lovely student Sieda, and we hope that our other students also will make us proud and proud by their success.