Group Thinking: by Maka Kushanashvili

 With the complication of social life and social institutes, structure and content decisions are made by groups. In particular, colleagues, united institutes. Team thinking importance and growth are defined by their specific designators. On the hand, discussing problem in groups gives us an opportunity to evaluate the given alternatives. On the other hand, decision making process in teams is more democratic, as every member of the unit makes their choice together. All these aspects increase the level of carrying out decision perfectly, because every member of team feels responsibility and they are involved in this process actively. Though these kinds of decisions follow willing results. In the next paragraph, I will try to explain negative aspects of the group thinking phenomena.

 According to Irving James group members try to be unanimous, to maintain team asset they try to cover their different concepts, in spite of this decision may be better than common idea.

 To sum up, personally, collaboration means considering team members expressions and choosing the best from the best.