Changes in Education in Pankisi: by Natela Kavtarashvili

Everyone knows what is happening nowadays in the world. People are so anxious and frightened. They buy lots of products but the prices of the products are surprisingly going up every day. They are at home with their families and they are not allowed to go out. Why? What is the reason? The reason is “Coronavirus”.

The same situation is in Georgia, as well as in the whole world. People who are abroad cannot return to their country, because the government makes the necessary decision and takes care of the country’s safety. Safety is very important for protecting the health of citizens. A lot has changed in Georgia since the spread of the Corona virus, including educational system.

As we know children usually go to the school and students go to the university, but all it has changed now. At this moment they are involved in distance teaching process. They do their homework via computers. On the first hand, it is good point, learning more about 21st century skills. On the other hand, 10 % of children do not have the necessary equipment, for example: computer; internet access. These children cannot get involved in the learning process.

As for RSF after school there was the only way to study English language for children in Pankisi. Like public schools it also closed. The reason is the same and the decision for RSF was the same, they also decided to work via online learning.