Covid 19, Ramadan and Pankisi Valley: by Mariam Alkhanashvili

By the decision of the Imam of Pankisi Gorge, the restrictions on the collective prayers in the mosque will be observed in Ramadan month too.

Imam appealed to the Muslim people in Pankisi to take into account the current state of emergency and quarantine conditions, asked to stay home and perform the evening fasting prayers at home.

“However, there is no case of corona virus infection in Kakheti region, but we must be careful as there are cases of transmission of the virus in Georgia. We must take care of ourselves and each other as well.” he said.

The change will only affect the Friday prayers. The Friday appeal will not be stopped completely. Only four people will attend Friday prayers:

1.The muezzin, a person who is making Azan (calling people for prayer).

2.The person who conducts the Friday Appeal.

3.The representative of Imam in the village.

4.The person standing at the mosque gate warning the people coming to the mosque, to pray at home.

  Pankisi Gorge Imam congratulates the Muslim people on Ramadan and wishes the world health and spiritual peace.