What does it mean to be a human? by Natela Kavtarashvili

What kind of human do you think you are?

Is it enough to be alive and live with your beloved people to be a real human? What do you think we should pay attention to in our life?

I think of this question a lot, but many people no not think about this at all.

You are a human when you have a pure heart. Life is good when you are a human. When you think about the people around you.

Maybe, in the past you made lots of mistakes, but it is not a problem. You will ask why? Because there is no- one on the earth who cannot be wrong. Lots of people, especially rich ones think that if they have money, beautiful cars, big houses they are humans but it is not true. Because when you use it all just for yourself, you will never be a real human. Look around and you will see the people who need your help. They are hungry, they do not have houses where they can live. When you sleep soundly in your warm bed, they are outside in cold and wish to have a piece of bread. When you buy expensive clothes, they wear rags. When you cannot spend money in the way it is necessary do you think you are human?

The most important human qualities are sincerity, loyalty, kindness, and openness. If you are a person with these qualities it means that you are a real human. Do not pay attention to what people say. Just listen to you heart.