Who are we? by Milana Gaurgashvili

Every person has gender, name and religion. With all these, a person is a citizen of a country.

Every person comes from somewhere. We are citizens, but if someone asks me where am I from I am quiet and start thinking about this question that I have thought before a lot. Who am I? Who are we? Are we Georgian? Are we Chechen people? Are we Waynakh or Kist?

When we have some meetings or we go somewhere as Kists and tell something which

sounds like a dream, it seems that you are Georgian, are we?

No. Because Georgians think that Kist people are not Georgian and when

something wrong happens here they say “Pankisi is a hot spot place” and it is dangerous for them.

Okay, we almost understand their point of view.

But people say Kist and Chechen people are brothers. It it is our mother-land and a lot of them think like this. We are not Chechen, we are Georgian. Oh god! it’s painful when you don’t have a strong back, when something bad or good happens.

In my opinion, I am Kist, the status which is very valuable for me and for every Kist person.