Access Micro scholarship program in Pankisi: by Malika Kavtarashvili

The students from Pankisi Valley have completed 2 years English teaching program, Access micro scholarship program. The program started operating in Pankisi valley two years ago. Thirty students from five villages, 15 students from Duisi group and 15 from Jokolo group were taught English. The students were chosen mainly from poor and large families.

The students learnt not only English language within the program, but they were given the opportunity to enrich their knowledge with enrichment activities, summer camps. They learnt about the culture and traditions of the American people and other nations of the world.

The graduates had a virtual graduation ceremony. The Ambassador of the USA congratulated them on finishing the course.

The students who graduated from different regions of Georgia gave a speech too.

The graduates were given the certificates signed by the USA Ambassador Kelly Collen Degnan.

We would like to express our gratitude to The US Embassy and Ph-international for giving us such opportunities.