A girl in the rain: by Maka Gaurgashvili

If you think there aren’t good humans left who want to do kindness, you should listen to this story. Maybe this isn’t the most amazing, but an exemplary one.

It was a rainy evening in Tbilisi. A student girl was coming from university. She was hurrying to the bus stop to catch the bus. She was tired and hungry after hard work.  She was making plans in her head, what to buy for dinner. ” I have to make economy, tomorrow is rent paying day.” she thought.

Suddenly, she saw an old woman standing in the rain and selling pens. She was wet and her hands, holding pens were trembling with cold, but she still kept standing. In her voice she asked the people to buy pens sounded of desperation and great sadness. No one payed attention to her, as it was raining heavily and every one was hurrying home.

The girl stopped near the woman, she looked around and noticed her bus was coming. She had to hurry. The woman’s eyes were full of tears, she couldn’t make one more step. She opened her purse and took out all the money she had in the bag (about twenty-five), put into woman’s hands and ran to the leaving bus.

In the bus she couldn’t find any coins in her bag to pay for the fare. Suddenly, someone touched her shoulders and gave her a ticket. This was an old man, who smiled at her with warmth and kindness. Apparently, he noticed all of this and asked the leaving bus driver to slow down.

Looking at this smile she felt that good humans will save the world.