The Role of RSF Throughout the Pankisi Gorge: by Malvina Mutoshvili

As you know, developing of critical thinking is the most important for children’s development. This is the skill that 21st century children should have the most developed. I think, that today teachers have a big role to play and it takes a lot of effort to develop this skill in students from the young age.

I am very delighted that I have been given a chance to get a job  in RSF. In 2017  I heard a vacancy was announced in RSF and I remember the first thing I  thought, “This is your chance to get this job’ ’and so I was lucky to join this wonderful team. Although I have been working in public school since 2009, working in RSF is totally different stimulus in my professional development .

You may be wondering why I was eager to get this job in RSF. The reason is that since RSF started functioning its students stood and still stand out with the best results in English, whether in the final tests of the year or in the national exams.

In addition, all parents across the valley are motivated that their children learn English in RSF. I would like to mention that the number of RSF students is increasing every year, including the students from the  neighboring Georgian villages  ,although transporting is a big problem for them.

We, all RSF teachers do our best to create a comfortable atmosphere in the classroom. Personally I am happy that I  have classes completed with Kist and Georgian students ,because children have an opportunity  to integrate, share their culture and opinions with each other. They have discussions about various topics .All these helps me to maintain a good atmosphere in the class. I have a starter group of 20 students, elementary of 15 students and pre university group of 12 students three times a week, for 2 hours long per lesson.

We all try to develop student’s critical thinking, as well as other skills like listening, reading, writing and speaking skills and we use appropriate methods to develop each skill.