Computer Game Addiction: by Maka Gaurgashvili

While there are lots of problems and difficulties in the world we have to face, I think one of the most essential problems that must be solved is computer games addiction! Recently, the number of computer games and its users has increased.

What is the result of it? Aggression, less interest and sensitivity, poor mental health, low level of education, losing themselves and everything that can destroy a human. Lots of people, mostly adults, waste most of their time in computer games. They are like second half for them and there they can find a comfort zone. But realization of their danger is very little or not at all in them.

Whenever they lose a game they get angry, sometimes they injure gadgets and they become aggressive with family members or friends. It strongly damages their mental health, which is always visible for everyone. Besides, they lose touch with family members. They have no interest in them and they are less sensitive to everything around them.

If they lose connection with everything and everyone, of course it is unquestionable, they will do the same with education. There will be no more books and school also won’t be priority for them.  To say all of these in short; they are ruining their present, future, whole life, every precious moment and gifts that the world offers them.

My advice would be, open your eyes widely, not in front of computers, but open them to see the reality, real emotions, real you, your family and friends, every opportunity and every minute you have to enjoy with them. Appreciate and use properly one of the best gifts- time! As it is said: ‘ Do not lose the stars.’