Thanking article for Lisa and Dario by: Anano Kulalagashvili

For several years now, young people from Pankisi valley have had the privilege of being best prepared for the National English Language Exam locally, at Roddy Scott Foundation, which was always achieved with the support of kind people. Fortunately, this year is no exception.

Lisa and Dario, a generous couple, has funded the pre-university course for Duisi’s group and Paul Kenneth Osborne has funded Jokolo’s group this year. They have given me and the other entrants the opportunity to prepare properly and to consolidate knowledge in all aspects of the English language.

Through this course we are able to practice reading, writing, listening and speaking tasks. During the studying process we set new goals and outline strategies on how to achieve ones as well. We build strong friendship and learn to work collectively.

Myron Tribus said: “Quality in education is what makes learning a pleasure and a joy.” He was accurate. We do receive effective education and the process is delightful and amusing at the same time.

Ultimately, on behalf of my groupmates and the Foundation as a whole, I would like to thank Lisa, Dario and Paul for the favor. We sincerely appreciate you and we will do our best to live up to your hopes.