Freedom By: Linda Margoshvili

The world is rapidly changing. People are changing their views. If we compare past and present, we can slightly see that. In the past people were only thinking about surviving, but now they are more concentrated on freedom. According to the word “freedom”, anyone is free to act as he pleases. Many valiant warriors had to make sacrifices to achieve the warmth of freedom that we are enjoying nowadays. People have different opinions about freedom and I would say that freedom can not be described in simple words, because it has very deep meaning. In 21st century we have the freedom that people in the past did not, so I honestly believe that we should not complain about that. Freedom means many things to many people. It can mean having an opportunity to vote for ideas of for people who best represent our views. It can also mean being able to voice our personal ideas or opinions. Others understand freedom in a financial way, but for me, freedom is being able to do everything I want, as long as it does not harm others. We should never be afraid of changes and we should never give up, no matter what it is or how hard it is. That’s how I understand the word “freedom”. Freedom for me is respect for the freedom of others. It is getting out of the frame. It is the right to make mistakes and I will study on my mistakes. The key to freedom for me is in education. Education will solve nearly all problems.

Freedom for me is associated with the flight of an eagle in my native mountains. Freedom is a big power.