What is homeland? By: Khava Duishvili

For me homeland is the place, where I was born, the place where I feel good and comfortable, where my childhood goes. There is not a single person who would have no homeland. Everyone has a place where they feel good and this is a part of human’s life. This simple word causes big sensations and feelings which are really hard to express by words. Homeland is very important and the dearest thing for each of us. Perhaps, for some people homeland is only a beautiful sky and blue sea, it can also be disturbed forests and broken floodplains, but for me it is something else, something that moves a person from head to toe and can turn heart grey. Homeland is love, the greatest, selfless, pure and perfect love that can give person to a person.

Homeland holds family, friends, freedom, purity, blood, flesh and soul at the same time. I have always had a question, what does homeland mean to me and now, I think that I can explain it. “homeland is what you value”, anything that is important to you. It is place where you want to return again and again. It is a place you can’t live away from. It is a place you can talk about endlessly. It is a place that you love in the way it is. My homeland is “GEORGIA”.