Some students from the access program attended a training with two access employees on June 18, 2023.

We had 12 pupils total, including 6 from Jokolo and 6 from Duisi. Mariam Berianidze and Nini Pakeliani were the two female instructors for the day.

At twelve o’clock, the training began. We first got to know one another before beginning to engage in various activities. We were split up into two groups, one from Jokolo and the other from Duisi, by Mariam and Nini. Six kids made up each group.

The first task required us to work in pairs. We had to conduct an interview with our partner, for which Mariam had prepared a paper with 12 questions, including some interesting ones like what had changed as a result of our participation in the PH Access Program and whether we had completed any activities during our sessions.

Following that, we had to present our partner to the rest of the group. We certainly did it.

We had a 15-minute break after this activity to eat some snacks and talk with each other. Then, following a brief break, we started the second activity.

The main purposes of the second activity were to recall our actions since beginning to participate in the PH access program in October 2022 and share information with the second group.

We had a large white sheet of paper on which to draw a timeline for this exercise, and we had to record everything that our group did from October 2022 to June 2023. Working in groups was essential and we were excellent at it. Both groups gave presentations at the end of the day.

At 3 o’clock our meeting came to a close.

I can say that it was a good day and that we also met some new, really nice people.