END OF COURSE TEST By: Aishat Pareulidze

17.06.2023 was a really important day for students of the Roddy Scott Foundation. The students of Roddy Scott Foundation, had their end of course test. These are tests that RSF English file students write to get a level higher.

There are 4 main levels: Starters, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate.

Every RSF student from different villages like Omalo, Jokolo and others arrived in Duisi to write these tests.

These tests are written every year, and we have our own lecturer who conducts these tests, Tamar Mikeladze, Associate Professor from Telavi Iakob Gogebashvili State University.

This year, my classmates and I, the students of the PH Access group in Duisi, asked if we could also write these tests, because we wanted to check our skills and to know our level of English. Even though we were not English file students, our teacher Linda Pareulidze and director Liana Margoshvili still agreed to let us write the Pre-Intermediate level tests.

Of course, for us these tests were not as important as for the English File students, but we still worried very much.

It was a very emotional day for RSF students, everyone was nervous and worried all the time, and I saw some students were also crying.

It was also an important day for the teachers because how well the teachers worked is reflected in the results of students and I feel really sad for the teachers, when the students don’t pass the exams. I know that the teachers are working very hard.

So, this was concretely about the day.

After we wrote the test, I decided to have an interview with the lecturer, Tamar Mikeladze and with some students.

I asked Tamar Mikeladze some questions.

I: “How do you think the results will be this year?

Tamar Mikeladze: “I am pleased to be with you today and to be a part of the exam check. I am seeing the progress among the students and I think that the entered grammar and vocabulary is deeper.

I: Do you think the students were motivated today?

Tamar Mikeladze: “Yes, they are very motivated, they stick to the rules and follow them.

I: “How was the exam process?”

Tamar Mikeladze: “well, everything went well during the exam period. The tests were made by me according to each level and I will check the tests in the next few days and after we will see results of the teacher’s hard work and if someone fails, it will be an opportunity for him/her to go through the program again without any problems”.

Of course, I added that the teachers were working very hard and doing their best to teach the students well.

At the end we both agreed that we all learn from our mistakes and of course I have recorded the interview.

As I mentioned, I also had small interviews with some students who were taking the exams. Most of them said that they were very nervous, however, to my surprise, there were those who said that they weren’t nervous at all. Some of them said that they think they will pass the exam and some said that they hope so.

As I have mentioned, it was an important and a bit emotional day.

Each of us hopes to get a good result.