Addicted to the technology By: Muslim Borchashvili

Technology addiction (also called Internet addiction, or Internet use disorder, among other names) is a broad term used to describe any obsessive tech-related behavior, be that gaming, online shopping, social media use, video watching, or anything else involving digital technology.

Technology of any kind has a negative impact on a person’s health. People addicted to technology such as mobile, computer, internet and the likes have a high risk of incurring many health issues. Dry and itchy eyes, backache, frequent headache and excessive weight gain are among the common health problems faced by technology addicts. Many of them go on to develop serious illnesses such as heart problem, hypertension and depression.

Technology addiction has a huge impact on a person’s brain. A person addicted to technology is unable to focus on work. He feels dizzy and lethargic most of the time and this hinders his work. He is unable to think creatively and rationally. Besides, he is so addicted to technology that he is unable to leave it. He often neglects his work and misses deadlines and meetings. This hampers his professional growth.

Personally, I think that dependence on technology is very bad and harmful for our health, this is the main reason for changing interest in learning. Dependence on technology also leads to laziness and I would tell everyone not to waste their time on technology and be busy with study. Technology addiction is ruining the life of people. Technology must be put to good use. One must limit its usage to avoid getting addicted to it. If we don’t stand against technology addiction, the day isn’t far when it will prove lethal to our existence.