Spelling-Bee regional winner: By Sieda Kavtarashvili

The student of Roddy Scott Foundation Zeinabi Gaurgashvili became the winner of Spelling Bee regional competition, and this is a great victory for the foundation and the whole valley. On 15 march Spelling Bee regional competition was held in American Cornen Telavi.

The competition was announced by American Embassy for the first time this year in Georgia. The competition was quite challenging and exciting. As soon as the competition was announced our students expressed great eagerness to participate in the competition. They practiced a lot and they did their best but it is said – The best of the best wins. Staff and students of RSF would like to thank to the volunteers Valentina Doren, Diana Higuera, Jerry Blitefield from America for supporting our students and preparing them for the competition. There is their great contribution to this victory and we appreciate this.

Herself Zeinabi is actively practicing for greater victory, on 12 April she will compete with other 14 contestants in American Embassy in Tbilisi. The whole gorge is waiting for her win.