The 2023 national teacher’s prize By: Farida Gaurgashvili

Me, Farida Gaurgashvili, a student of Duisi Public School, have the honor to talk about Medea Borchashvili, one of the most proud and distinguished Georgian language teachers of Duisi Public School.

Teaching is one of the proudest an honorable profession, and the teacher himself is the hero of this time. They are the people, who do everything for our well-being. They teach us humanity, which is the most important thing in a person.

Yes, I can say with a great sense of pride, that Medea teacher is exactly the person, who taught and inspired me about what means to be a human and what criteria you have to meet for that.

The most special and beautiful thing in it is love of the motherland.

The lesson does not pass, if the teacher does not focus on the country. The pain of the country hurts and its happiness makes you happy and happy. He/she is well aware of his/her debt to the country and nation.

He/she is well aware of the criteria he/she must meet in order to be loved by everyone and to instill in students a love for their profession.

I want to tell you, that from the beginning, I had a great interest in literature and I always studied with great enthusiasm.

Teacher Medea has been teaching us for the fifth year already. Thanks to her informative, field lessons, my interest in this subject grew even more.

She knows very well and is good at communicating with children, and as a teacher she is the strongest psychologist. You can turn to her at any time and talk about any issue, even get advice and be sure that she will calm you down and support you in everything.

She is very energic, open-hearted and hardworking. She actively participates in many projects and shares her accumulated knowledge with us.

We have seen a lot of her success. The most outstanding and appreciable was the 2023 national teacher’s prize and cash prize for the special contribution of development of the society and education system.

Her success was a great victory not only for our school, but also for the entire valley and an incentive for our meritorious teachers to achieve many more success in the future. Yes, I am proud to study in a safe and learning oriented school with such great teachers.