Meeting with Estonian Ambassador Riina Kaljurand: By Markha Kavtarashvili

Estonian Ambassador to Georgia RIINA KALJURAND visited the Pankisi village on November 28, 2023. It was not the first time we met her.

On September 5, 2020, the Estonian Ambassador visited Pankisi, namely the Roddy Scott Foundation, for the first time. She then stated that this was her first visit to the region. She facilitated us to view the Estonian-Georgian collaboration film “Tangerines” in an open place at the stadium.

The Roddy Scott Foundation’s teachers and students got the opportunity to meet MRS. Riina Kaljurand once again. The meeting was very interesting for all of us. We talked about the critical thinking project which was supported by Estonian Embassy and journey to Batumi. Within the critical thinking project, we got chance to improve ourselves and start thinking critically which appeared no less during the meetings and activities we were involved in. we got a lot of information from the meetings. The Ambassador impressed us.

She was really kind and friendly. She gave us advice not to let what we are doing and always speak up because our one word can change a lot.

Thanks to Estonian Embassy for giving us this wonderful opportunity. Hope to meet her again.