A little Chechnya in Georgia: by Marina Gaurgashvili

Every gorge has its characteristic culture and my gorge, Pankisi also is filled with its rich traditions. I would like to tell you about my gorge’s traditions. Let us start with dishes, Chechnyan dishes ARE very famous and also different. Dishes are very popular for their unique spicy flavors that bear the seal of longstanding tradition. Chechnyan cuisine is characterized by a wealth of types of food. There are all types of food. Everyone would be pleased with such dishes. Especially fine is Chaabilg pastry with a cheese filling, beans that every cooker prepares in her own personal style. But the picture wouldn’t be complete without “khinkali” which is popular not only in Chechnya, but elsewhere in the Caucasus and is made with minced meat and black pepper. Also the most popular dish called Jijgi-galana is made with meat and flour. Now let us talk about clothes. In our gorge women wear long dresses and they cover their hairs with shawls because it’s a demand our religion.

What can I tell you about sport in my gorge. The most popular sport is racing horses hqdefaultcalled “Duag”. This festival held in any time of year, mostly held when we want to respect a dead person, if the dead’s family want to do. A person who wins first, second or third place, the dead’s family rewards with money or something. This festival is also is held when Ramadan month ends. So I hope that I could give you a little information about my gorge’s traditions.