Grandparents’ Stories: by Rumina Alkhanashvili

Speaking about the autumn, I’ve compared it with our grandparents.

How beautiful and colorful the nature is in autumn. So colorful are our parents and grandparents with their experiences. Every nation has its history its habits and customs.

And these customs and traditions are changing as the time changes. Some of the ancestor’s traditions are forgotten. Maybe some of them were very interesting and productive.

It’s very interesting speaking with old people and listen their stories. How did they live, how did they manage to get over the difficulties and objections in their life. How did they enjoy, had fun…

Their adventures and their way of living are always interesting and exciting. I think hearing these stories we, young people, will study a lot. Their mistakes, their success may give us good examples. In every story there is a little wisdom in them. It’s said that every person’s life is bridge for the people after him.

So, I’ve got desire to collect these stories and adventures, in “ Pankisi Times”.

It must be interesting. Please join us. Every story will be interesting.  Welcome the column “Grandparents’ Stories”.