Back to Roddy Scott Foundation Center; by Nata Margoshvili

1-SG100578-001My name is Nata   Margoshvili. I’m 17 years old. Seven years old ago when I first started learning English I started at Roddy  Scott Foundation Center. At that time I was in fifth grade so as I remember I learned more than six years. First it was very difficult school program for me. The teacher was and is excellent. I was in tenth grade when our group finished. And my English courses stopped. After that went 2 years and time by time I realized that everything was forgetting from my mind. After this I and my friends asked Principal Lia   to take us in a group and to start English courses again. Lia has agreed. Now I’m here at Roddy Scott Foundation Center.


I’m very satisfied and also all my friends. We all love our teacher who is excellent, thanks to principal Lia. I’m very glad. I really need these courses for my national exams. So thanks Roddy Scott Foundation Center.